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As the U.K. began negotiating its so-called Brexit from the European Union on Monday, Germany's startup ecosystem is getting a major nod in the form of one of the year's most anticipated IPOs, Delivery Hero.

From cheeses, meats, and seafood to shortbreads, toffee, and maple syrup, the specialty food indus­try has such a wide range of entry points that if you have a food skill and feel passionately about letting others enjoy the fruits of your skill, you should certainly consider taking it to market. And not only is the range of food types broad but you can choose how to participate -- as a producer of a specialty food, you can make your prod­uct and sell it in your own retail store or via mail order or be strictly a producer providing your product to retail stores or mail order catalogs to sell.

You know the feeling: that mid-afternoon slump when M&Ms, or salted chips and a soda, will revive flagging energy so you can finish that report or get through the next meeting. Even though the pick-me-up will soon send your blood sugar crashing, it’s what’s on offer at the vending machine downstairs.

Born out of the idea of addressing the problem of finding fresh and hygienic meat without distress, Bengaluru headquartered Licious redefines meat shopping experience like never before. The 6-months old startup has brought together all stages of fresh meat procurement, processing and delivery under one roof whilst ensuring the quality.

Small U.S. food manufacturers once toiled for decades to develop a critical mass of fans for their products. Now, an increasing number of privately-held players are going from garage to grocery store in fewer than five years thanks to an erosion of barriers to entry within the food industry.

Here are four industries that seem ripe for innovation, and some of the opportunities that exist to impact them.

Just because Eataly’s New York City flagship closes to customers at 11 p.m. doesn’t mean the store shuts down: Its massive bakery oven burns bright 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The wood-burning oven—imported in pieces from Spain and painstakingly reassembled brick-by-brick by Spanish technicians—produces thousands of loaves of fresh bread each day, handcrafted according to Italian tradition with key ingredients like natural yeast and organic stone-ground flour.

If you’ve seen shock-value shows such as Gordon Ramsey’s Hell's Kitchen or his stomach-churning Kitchen Nightmares, you may be shocked by some of the things that are happening in restaurants.

The Sandwich That Ate the World

In 1974, we began franchising. We didn't have any big thought process except that, OK, franchising will help us get to our goal of 32 stores and help us run stores farther away from home. It took us a really long time to learn the franchise business, because we started out with a blank slate. We didn't have any franchising coaches or advisers.

You'd never know the economy is in a slump from the state of the food industry. Specialty food sales in the U.S. alone grew 13 percent to $85 billion in 2012. And Americans consumed a record $34 billion worth of wine last year.